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Top 8 bộ phim kinh điển về chiến tranh đáng xem vào ngày Giải phóng miền Nam 30/4


Movies about the Liberation Day of the South on April 30 are precious footage that anyone who is Vietnamese should watch once in their life to reminisce or better understand a glorious milestone in history. history of national liberation. The following will introduce to readers the top classic war movies worth watching on the Liberation Day of the South on April 30.

The wind blows (Director Huy Thanh – 1966)

Movie Floating wind directed by Huy Thanh is adapted from the play of the same name by the author Dao Hong Cam. This is the first film of Vietnamese revolutionary cinema about the Vietnam War with the Southern context. During the American invasion of Vietnam, Phuong’s family had a sister named Van who joined the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, and Phuong was a lieutenant in the Saigon puppet army. After many years apart, the two sisters meet again. The joy was not over when a conflict arose between the two sisters. When she learned that Phuong was a lieutenant in the Saigon government, Van chased Phuong away. From here begins a series of tragedies.

Van and his son were arrested in a concentration camp. In the camp Van participated in the struggle, was arrested and imprisoned. His son was killed by the enemy, so Van was like crazy. Because she was thought to be crazy, it was easier for Van to operate in prison. After being released from prison, with arguments, actions and feelings, Van persuaded his brother and many soldiers in the army of the Republic of Vietnam to return to the Front (to the justice), to the people by breaking the hamlet. strategy, kill the American advisor. At the end of the film, lieutenant Phuong bends down to scoop up water to wash his face on a sunny river in the cheers of the people and the affectionate smile of his sister.

Touching and haunting multi-generational audiences, Floating wind At the same time, it is considered as an inspirational and spiritual film for the national liberation and liberation of the South in 1975. The film won the Golden Lotus for the category of Feature Film at the first Vietnam Film Festival. first.

A scene from the movie Floating Wind
A scene from the movie Floating Wind
The movie Floating in the Wind

The Wasteland (Director Hong Sen – 1979)

Open fields is a Vietnamese film about the Vietnam War, directed by Nguyen Hong Sen. Set in the Dong Thap Muoi region during the war, the film revolves around Ba Do couple and their small child living in a small hut in the middle of the water. They were assigned by the Vietnamese Revolutionary side to keep the line of communication for the soldiers. The author focuses a lot on the couple’s daily life such as growing rice, raising children, catching pythons, catching fish, but interspersed with scenes of Huey helicopters of the US military in the field. country to detect guerrilla activity. When Ba Do was hit by an American helicopter, in order to avenge her husband, Ba Do’s wife chased and burned the helicopter.

The end of Open fields There was a scene where a photo of the American pilot’s wife and children was shot, falling from his chest, there were many opinions about cutting this scene. However, it is still kept to let viewers better understand American soldiers, they are also ordinary people, have wives and children like Ba Do, but due to the war, they had to leave their families to go to Vietnam to participate. war. Director Hong Sen used the opposite method in cinematic language to convey profound human values.

Besides the skillful leadership of director Hong Sen and the wonderful script of writer Nguyen Quang Sang, the immersive acting of the cast, especially actress Thuy An, together created a real work of art. consume.

Open fields
Open fields
The wasteland is considered a true work of art

Face-up card game (Director Le Hoang Hoa 1982-1987)

Backstroke flip gamble is an 8-episode black-and-white plastic film on intelligence topics produced by the Ho Chi Minh City General Film Enterprise (now Giai Phong Film Studio) in the years 1982-1987. The film simulates the life span of real-life spy characters of the Vietnam Labor Party operating in the enemy’s heart during the anti-American resistance war, especially intelligence agent Pham Ngoc Thao. The film is written by Nguyen Truong Thien Ly (Tran Bach Dang), directed by Khoi Nguyen (Le Hoang Hoa), with the participation of actors Nguyen Chanh Tin (as Nguyen Thanh Luan), singer and singer. Thanh Lan and Thuy An (as female intelligence agent Thuy Dung – wife of Nguyen Thanh Luan).

Recreate a tumultuous society of Saigon at that time, coherent content, suitable acting, Backstroke flip gamble praised as a pinnacle of Vietnamese cinema. The film won the 6th Vietnam Film Festival Special Award in 1983, the 7th Vietnam Film Festival Silver Lotus Award in 1985, and the Best Actor Award at the 8th Vietnam Film Festival. In 1985, thanks to the impressive performance of the role of Colonel Nguyen Thanh Luan by actor Nguyen Chanh Tin, the role that marked the biggest mark in his acting career.

Backstroke flip gamble
Backstroke flip gamble
The card game turned upside down a pinnacle of Vietnamese cinema

Saigon Rangers (Directed by Long Van – 1986)

Saigon Special Forces directed by Long Van, including 4 episodes. The film recreates the feat of “bringing war into the city” of the commandos during the anti-American resistance war. Interwoven in the context of bombs, smoke and fire are emotional and meaningful love stories that contribute to helping the film go deep into people’s hearts. The film by director Long Van released in 1986 was a bright spot for Vietnamese cinema at that time. Not only setting a box office record, the film also brought the names of a series of artists such as Quang Thai, Thuy An, Thuong Tin, Ha Xuyen, Hai Nhat, Thanh Loan … closer to the public. After more than 3 decades have passed, the work has always been a favorite movie until now.

The film has brought the cast: Thanh Loan (as Nun Huyen Trang), Thuong Tin (as Sau Tam), Quang Thai (as Tu Chung), … to the top of glory. After 30 years of big screen release, numerous TV replays, DVD and online publishing, Saigon Special Forces still attracts a large number of viewers, becoming a classic film about April 30 of Vietnamese cinema.

Poster of the movie Saigon Rangers
Poster of the movie Saigon Rangers
The classic movie Saigon Rangers

Liberation of Saigon (Directed by Long Van – 2005)

Liberating Saigon is a movie produced on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the liberation of the South and the reunification of the country. The characters in the film are real historical figures such as General Secretary Le Duan (played by Meritorious Artist Ha Van Trong), General Vo Nguyen Giap (played by Khuong Duc Thuan), Secretary of the Central Committee of the Southern Department. Pham Hung (played by Meritorious Artist Hoang Quan Tao), Politburo Special Envoy Le Duc Tho (played by Duong Trong Hieu),…

Movie Liberating Saigon is a Vietnamese movie under the direction of director Long Van. The film was produced by Saigon Giai Phong company to commemorate the event of April 30, 1975. The film is based on the work Saigon – Epic of writer Hoang Ha, but with some cutscenes. The film was invested 12.5 billion VND and produced in a record long time of 13 years. The film focuses on recording the main events in the process of the Liberation Army entering Saigon city, recreating the scenes of real bombs and bullets exploding without special effects. Director Long Van took 13 years to perfect this film. Liberating Saigon are tragic and heroic footage of the great victory of the Vietnamese nation.

Poster for the movie Liberation of Saigon
Poster for the movie Liberation of Saigon
Liberating Saigon

Don’t Burn (Director Dang Nhat Minh – 2009)

Don’t burn (English title: Don’t Burn) is a 2009 historical drama film directed and written by Dang Nhat Minh. Based on the famous diary of female doctor – martyr Dang Thuy Tram, the film created a great resonance when it was released. The film delves into the deep inner life, clearly portrays the beauty of the soul, the compassion of female military doctor Dang Thuy Tram (played by actor Minh Huong) and at the same time the beauty itself. fighting spirit and bravery of Vietnamese youth. In addition, the film also shows the tolerance of Vietnamese people, proves that love erases historical wounds. Don’t burn, in which there was fire, is an honest and simple film but contains a great and strong national character.

The film premiered at the 19th Fukuoka Film Festival in Japan and won the audience vote. The film was released in late April 2009 in Vietnam and screened at the ASEM International Film Festival in Hanoi mid-May 2009. Don’t burn won the Golden Lotus Award at the 16th Vietnam Film Festival in 2009 and won 6 categories of the Golden Kite Award in 2010 including Best Film, Best Actress (Minh Huong), Best Director (People’s Artist Dang Nhat Minh), Best Painter (Elite Artist Pham Quoc Trung), Best Sound (Elite Artist Peng Bei Hai) and Audience Choice Award. This is also the film selected to attend the Oscars.

Movie poster Don't Burn
Movie poster Don’t Burn
The movie Don’t Burn

The Smell of Burnt Grass (Director Huu Muoi – 2011)

The smell of burning grass is a Vietnamese film in the genre of socio-psychology, war. The main context of the film is the event of Red Summer 1972 with the battle at Quang Tri Citadel. The main characters in the film are four students from Hanoi General University: Hoang, Thanh, Thang, and Long, following the order of general mobilization to enlist in the army in 1971, they received rapid training and eventually participated in combat. at Quang Tri Citadel in 1972. Here, Thanh, Thang, Long died and Hoang was lucky to return alive. The film is told from the memory of Hoang, when he visited the old battlefield.

The smell of burning grass produced by Vietnam Feature Film Studio. The screenplay of the film is performed by poet Hoang Nhuan Cam, especially based on the diary “Forever in my twenties” by martyr Nguyen Van Thac. Starting filming in December 2010, the film was given a special chance to attend the 17th Vietnam Film Festival in Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen province, was premiered at the opening ceremony of the film week and won the Silver Lotus award. On March 17, 2012, the film was awarded 4 Golden Kite Awards for Best Motion Picture, Best Music (musician Do Hong Quan), Best Screenplay (Hoang Nhuan Cam) and Best Cinematography. (Excellent artist Pham Thanh Ha) at the 2011 Golden Kite Awards Ceremony. The film was selected by the Cinema Department to open the opening of the film series celebrating major holidays in April-May 2012 and continued to be premiered during the week. film commemorating the 65th anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs’ Day, July 27, 1947-July 27, 2012.

Although there are many limitations in setting the scene, the film is still appreciated for its profound humanity when conveying the aspirations and emotions as well as honoring the noble sacrifice of young people in the world. resistance period.

The smell of burning grass
Film crew The smell of burning grass
Film crew The smell of burning grass

Legendary Writers (Directed by Bui Tuan Dung – 2013)

Legendary writers (English: The Legend Makers) is an action film – Vietnam war directed by Bui Tuan Dung, premiered in 2013. Legendary writers set in the war against America to save the country in the 1960s. The plot of the film is the construction of a petroleum pipeline running from the northern border to the Southeast of the 556 group under the command of personnel. General Dinh (played by Meritorious Artist Hoang Hai) is based on the prototype of Senior Lieutenant General Dinh Duc Thien.

Movie Legendary writers with the content revolving around diligent soldiers carrying gasoline through a tropical forest covered with leaf mines, petrol transport trucks exploding under bomber fire, unexpected deaths, and constant losses. from the dry season to the persistent rainy season. Each tank of gasoline entering the battlefield must be paid with the blood and bones of hundreds of thousands of soldiers… Contrasting with the dangerous and dangerous mountains and forests is the brave spirit and relentless fighting of the soldiers. The film impresses with scenes of majestic and poetic nature. Romantic scenes about the soldier’s love also help viewers’ feelings more fully.

Legendary writers
Legendary writers
True movie about soldiers

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