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Among the educational and training job positions, the online teaching assistant is a rather special position, which many pedagogical students have tried since they were still in school. Becoming an online teaching assistant, you can initially interact with the work of teaching, taking classes and training, developing skills and pedagogical skills.

If in the past, teaching assistant jobs were mainly understood as English teaching assistants, direct teaching assistants at the center, but now, online teaching assistants are recruited quite a lot due to classes and training programs. create transition to online form. Let’s find out more about online teaching assistant jobs with JobOKO to easily visualize and decide whether to find a teaching assistant job or not, what to keep in mind.


What is the job of an online tutor?

I. What is online tutoring? Job description

1. What is online tutoring?

Teaching assistant, English is Teaching Assistant and online English teaching assistant is Online Teaching Assistant. This is a part-time job at training centers (foreign languages, informatics, professional certificate training, soft skills,…). In many colleges and universities, there may also be a teaching assistant role, usually performed by graduate students. In this article, we will learn about online teaching assistant jobs in training centers.

Teaching assistants work directly at the center, supporting teachers and lecturers from preparing lectures, printing, preparing teaching aids, checking exercises and correcting exercises for students and students. when requested. The work of online teaching assistants is similar, but the difference here is the way of working and interacting with teachers and students. You will not meet face-to-face, but all work exchanges and cooperation are conducted through online interactive channels – Facebook, Zalo, Messenger or software such as Zoom, Skype.

2. Job Description of Online Teaching Assistant

The actual tasks of an online tutor depend on the working environment, the subject you work as an assistant, etc. However, basically, the job description of an online tutor will be quite simple as follows:

  • Support teachers and lecturers to prepare lectures and study materials and equipment for the lesson.
  • In charge of guiding students, students, providing necessary information and explaining and solving questions when needed.
  • Print, copy documents, books, and exercises for students and students at the request of the classroom teacher.
  • Urging students and trainees to do exercises and prepare for class activities.
  • Check, evaluate, and grade assignments of students and trainees.
  • Support and help students, students connect to the system to fully participate in the lectures.
  • Other jobs at the request of the center as well as teachers and classroom teachers.

In addition, today in some centers, online teaching assistants also concurrently provide course counseling.

Although at first glance, the jobs of online teaching assistants are not complicated, but in fact, to complete the work, you will need a lot of skills and ability to interact because you are “in the middle” of the teacher, learning. member, sometimes both the parent and the center. In many environments, teaching assistants are even closer to and understanding students than teachers because normally online teaching assistants share, connect and help students a lot.

online 2

Skill requirements for online tutors

II. What are the requirements for recruiting online teaching assistants?

Normally, when recruiting online teaching assistants, employers will not require too high a degree but will need candidates in the right major. In addition, skills and qualities are also highly valued and decisive, specifically as follows:

  • Level: Online teaching assistants are basically students from about 2nd to 4th years, who have just graduated or you have worked but want to switch to teaching, consider this an opportunity to learn and accumulate. experience. Employers mainly require online teaching assistants to study in the right industry, for example, online teaching assistants in English classes have English and English pedagogical qualifications.
  • Experience: Having experience as a tutor, teaching assistant or online teaching assistant can be a plus point to make it easier for you to apply for a successful job. In addition, if you have a certificate, even if you are still studying, you will have a better chance to compete. For example, you work as an English teacher for exam preparation and have an IELTS certificate.
  • Diligent and hardworking: Online teaching assistant job is not as leisurely as people think, if you don’t work hard, you can easily feel pressured, bored and give up, on the contrary, when you really work hard, you will stick for a long time. long and learned a lot of useful things.
  • Be patient and calm: Online teaching assistants have to interact with teachers, teachers have to interact with parents, students or students and more or less pressure from the center. Lacking patience, you can sometimes feel irritable or difficult to adapt and that certainly doesn’t help you complete tasks well.
  • Good communication skills, enthusiastic: Clever, playful, enthusiastic but still careful and attentive to detail are what an online tutor needs to overcome challenges and succeed in this role.
  • Good tech skills: For online teaching assistant jobs, technology skills mean that you understand and master the software used to connect with students, teachers, and centers. Not only that, this skill also allows you to access software and applications to diversify students’ approaches and improve teaching effectiveness.
  • Quick response, effective handling of situations: Compared to the face-to-face environment, online learning is more likely to have problems arising, such as network lag, loss of connection, students refusing to turn on the camera, not submitting assignments on time, students not response when asked,… When recruiting online tutors, employers expect you to be able to react quickly to each situation.
  • Development orientation in the field of education – training: Those who love the field of education, want to work long-term in the role of teachers, lecturers often consider starting from the role of teaching assistant. Employers understand such thinking and also expect from candidates enthusiasm and passion for the profession to always have and maintain motivation at work.

III. How much does an online tutor earn?

One of the biggest advantages of online teaching assistant jobs is flexibility, allowing you to work from home, many centers support actively arranging shifts. In other words, when you work as an online tutor, you can take the initiative in your time. Not only that, but another advantage is that you have the opportunity to receive a good income right from the time you are a student, learn skills and expertise, expand relationships and be more confident for career opportunities. full time later.

Income of online tutors can be calculated by the month or by the hour. If calculated by month, today most centers pay candidates from about 1, 5 – 3 million / month depending on the number of shifts you work, the most common is in the range of 2 – 2.5 million/month. Meanwhile, the hourly salary of online tutors will be from 50 – 70k/hour or 100k/session (1.5 – 2 hours). Depending on your ability to arrange time, you negotiate salary with the employer in the most reasonable way.

In addition, online teaching assistants can receive more admissions and course counseling. Thus, after successfully consulting for each candidate, you will receive a corresponding commission. At this time, the total monthly income will also be higher.

online 3

Is the income of online tutors high or low?

IV. Where do online tutors work?

Online tutors can work anywhere, as long as you have a computer, headphones and an internet connection. Of course, space and light are equally important factors. In other words, online tutors work from home, in cafes or quiet spaces. You are not required to go to a training center or company or organization.

Your employer will be training centers such as foreign language centers (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese,…), information technology training centers, soft skills, talent training (singing, dancing, drawing,…), professional training (programming, SEO, Digital Marketing, design,…). You can apply when you have background knowledge and the right industry you understand and want to develop in the future.

V. Do online teaching assistants have a chance to advance?

One thing JobOKO can be sure of is that a lot of young people applying for jobs as teaching assistants online have the question of whether or not being a teaching assistant has the opportunity to become a full-time employee – a kind of promotion in reality. It is clear that the income or role and potential of teaching assistants is significantly lower than that of teachers and lecturers, but this is a necessary stepping stone that you should not ignore. Therefore, when you find out about your official job opportunities, it is understandable.

Basically, online teaching assistant has the opportunity to advance to the official position or not depending on your efforts and achievements. In the process of working, you can show your ability, and at the same time don’t be afraid to express your desire and expectation to become a teacher, you can be considered for priority recruitment after you complete the study program, have a degree. formal level or full-time job referral opportunities.

BECAUSE. Experience of applying for an online teaching assistant job

1. Learn more about the center

Because it’s an online job, sometimes you don’t meet the employer in person but conduct an online interview, the work contract is sometimes not available but only exchanged via text message or email. Finding information, following the reviews on the internet about the center will help you have a more objective and comprehensive approach before looking for opportunities and deciding to cooperate.

To have the opportunity to access good, high-paying online teaching assistant jobs, you should first look for a job through a reputable recruitment channel where there is a lot of information, many quality employers, clear JDs and other professional skills. Simple application process. JobOKO has been chosen by many candidates as a reliable online job search channel for teaching assistants and teaching assistants. You can get hundreds of results when you search for a keyword phrase, and create a CV and apply right on the page.

2. Read the job description carefully to be clear about the roles and responsibilities of the Online Teaching Assistant

Although they may all be online teaching assistants, in different centers, training institutions, and schools, the job requirements and daily tasks will be different. Candidates should read carefully and consider for themselves, compare whether they can meet or not before applying. Moreover, because working online, there will be many things if you are not clear, you should ask again immediately, so as not to ask questions about the amount of work or arrangement during the working process.

online 4

Tips for finding a job as an effective online tutor

3. Have the necessary equipment

The feature of the online teaching assistant job is that it requires you to equip yourself with a computer, headset and internet. You should understand this requirement and be ready to accept the job without questions or surprises.

4. Prepare your CV and get ready for the online tutoring interview

This is the most important step in deciding whether or not you will successfully convince employers, have the opportunity to work as an online teaching assistant or not. Employers understand that candidates for this position, may be students, so they have no experience, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore sending your CV or don’t know how to prepare for an interview.

To create a CV for a teaching assistant job online, you should choose online CV templates from JobOKO’s dozens of templates so that the templates are simple, samples for less experienced candidates. When writing the content of your CV, focus on highlighting the education, experience and skills, certifications, and do not forget to share about your career goals. The experience section should cover relevant experiences, such as tutor, teaching assistant, avoiding roles that don’t help you acquire the necessary transferable skills such as part-time maid, part-time bartender. ,…

Interviewing online tutors is usually an online interview, a video interview, so candidates should also be ready for self-introduction, general interview questions and prepare for case questions. Besides, do not forget to test the network and equipment before starting, dress neatly and adjust the sound, light, sitting position in front of the camera. When answering the question, be very confident, show your positive, energetic side.

Above are some detailed information about the role of online teaching assistant and the notes when applying for a job you can refer to. Hope the information will be useful to you.

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