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Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 9 Tuần 8 sách mới


Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 9 chương trình mới Tuần 8

Giáo án môn tiếng Anh sách mới lớp 9 Tuần 8 nằm trong bộ tài liệu Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh 9 theo tuần do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Giáo án tiếng Anh gồm chi tiết 3 tiết học được biên tập theo thứ tự giảng dạy, trình tự lên lớp giúp quý thầy cô chuẩn bị kỹ lưỡng, nâng cao chất lượng dạy và học.

Period: 22 Week: 8



I. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to review of what they have learnt in Unit three (Teen stress and pressure )


1.Language content

Vocabulary : knowledge about Teen stress and pressure

Grammar :

2.Techniques : group work , pair work, communicative approach

3.teaching aids : posters, pictures


T’s & Ss’ Activities


1 Ask Ss to complete the sentences by using the support from the pictures, the options provided, and the meaning of the sentences. They work individually first and then compare with a partner.

2. Ask Ss to remember the meanings of these verbs: congratulate, empathise, encourage, assure, and advise.

Then Ss need to look at the situations in 1 to say appropriate sentences.

3 . Challenge Ss to complete this exercise without looking back at COMMUNICATION. They can write in

similar skills, or add new skills as they wish.

4 Ss work individually then in pairs when they compare their answers with each other.

5 Ss work individually to complete this task.


Exercise 1 : Answer key:

Key: 1. excited/delighted

2. frustrated/upset

3. tense/stressed

4. worried/tense

5. disappointed/frustrated

6. emotional/depressed

Exercise 2:

Key (suggested):

1. ‘Congratulations!’/ ‘Well done! You did a really great job!’

2. ‘You must have been really disappointed.’/ ‘If I were you, I would talk to my parents.’

3. ‘Stay calm. Everything will be all right.’/ ‘It might be a good idea to have a break when you feel too


4. ‘I understand how you feel.’/ ‘It might help to consider talking about this to someone.’/ ‘Have you

thought about calling a counselling service?’

5. ‘I understand how you feel.’/ ‘It might help to consider focusing on the good points of the

presentation rather than only the weak points.’

6. ‘You must have been really emotional.’/ ‘I understand how you feel.’

Key (suggested):

1. concentrate on doing something; organize your timetable

2. control feelings; know how to get over negative feelings

3. cooperate with others; communicate well

4. know how to act in emergencies; know when to stop taking risks

5. cook for oneself and others; manage a small budget


1. She said she was really stressed out, and that she had had three sleepless nights thinking about

her exam.

2. He said he couldn’t concentrate because it was too noisy in there.

3. She said she had been very upset at first but she was fine then.

4. He said he didn’t think taking risks too often was a good idea.

5. She said he would take a cooking class before he went to college.

6. He said he really wished he could make informed decisions

5. Key:

1. Today I’m going to tell you what to do in case of fire.

2. Be sure you know where to find the nearest exit or stairway.

3. You should know how to activate the fire alarm.

4. You should know what number to call to report the fire and ask for help.


1. Consolidation : discuss this task in pairs to work out the advice they would give to the two callers. Encourage Ss to use the phrases they have learnt for giving advice.

2.Homework :

– Do exercise in exercise book.

– Prepare Review 1

Period: 23 Week: 8

Review 1: UNIT 1 – 2 – 3

Lesson 1 – LANGUAGE


– This unit reviews the language and skills Ss have learnt in Units 1, 2, and 3.

– Help Ss to recall the language and encourage them to contribute as much as possible.

II . PREPARATION: sub -board, pictures, cassette


Teacher’s and students’ activities



Activity 1:

Ask Ss what kinds of words are underlined. Elicit the rule from Ss (they are content words and are stressed because they contain all the important information being conveyed). Play the recording for Ss to listen and read along silently, then they can repeat out loud trying to stress the same words. Call on some Ss to read out the sentences again. Correct their pronunciation as a class.
Note: All the underlined words are stressed.

1. My town is nice and peaceful, but it isn’t very big.

2. Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture attracts a lot of foreign visitors.

3. A: Were you wearing a helmet when you fell off your bike?

B: No, I wasn’t.

4. Son: Can I go to a party tonight, mum?

Mother: OK, but please don’t make noise when you come home.

5. A: My mum’s really a good friend of mine.

B: Is she? Mine is very strict towards me.

Activity 2:

Ss work in pairs first to mark the underlined words as W (weak) or S (strong). Then T plays the recording for Ss to check. Play the recording again and Ss repeat. Pause and correct their pronunciation.

1. A: Is (W) Minh happy about winning the scholarship?

B: Yes, he is (S). But his parents are (W) happier.

2. A: I can’t (S) understand it! Aren’t (S) you my son?

B: I’m terribly sorry, dad. But it isn’t (S) entirely my fault.

3. A: Pho Hien is (W) a very old town in North Viet Nam.

B: Is it (S)? Where is it (W) located?

4. A:It’s (W) raining. Are they (W) wearing raincoats?

B: She (S) is, but he (S) isn’t.


Activity 3:

Ss do the task individually and then share their answers with a partner. Check Ss’ answers.

Activity 4:

Let Ss read the passage, then do this exercise individually. T may ask some Ss to write their answers on the board. T corrects as a class.


Activity 5:

Ss work individually and then compare their answers with a partner. Call on some Ss to write their answers on the board. Other Ss comment. T corrects as a class.

Activity 6:

Ss do the task individually. Tell them to write the reported sentences in their notebooks. Call on some Ss to read their sentences. T checks.

Everyday English

Activity 7:

Ask Ss to discuss in pairs and choose the suitable words/phrases to complete the talks. After checking their answers, have some pairs act out the mini-talks.

– reduce pollution
– pull down an old building
– empathise with someone
– make a handicraft

– set up a home business
– feel worried and frustrated
– have high expectations
– provide employment

1. giant 2. tallest

3. attractions 4. symbol
5. fascinating 6. excited

7. affordable 8. interest

1. set up 2. deal with

3. turned down 4. look up
5. give up 6. put up with

7. got over 8. keep up with

1. Trang wondered what to wear to the fancy dress party.
2. She couldn’t decide whether to help Chau with the money her mum had given to her.
3. Nick wondered where to get those traditional handicrafts.
4. Phuc had no idea who to turn to for help with his homework.
5. Hoa was not sure when to break the sad news to him.

1. As far as I know

2. what to do

3. Cool

4. No worries

5. If I were in your shoes


-Practice reading the dialogue.

-Write new words then learn them by heart.

-Copy the exercise into notebooks.

-Prepare Review 1 (Skills)

Period: 24 Week: 8

Review 1: UNIT 1 – 2 – 3

Lesson 2 – SKILLS


– This unit reviews the language and skills Ss have learnt in Units 1, 2, and 3.

– Help Ss to recall the language and encourage them to contribute as much as possible.

II . PREPARATION: sub -board, pictures, cassette


Teacher’s and students’ activities



Activity 1:

Have Ss read the letters silently. T clarifies anything they do not understand. Choose Ss to read the letters aloud sentence by sentence. Correct their pronunciation. Then Ss do the exercise in pairs. T corrects as a class.


Activity 2:
Ss work individually first. Have them read all three situations and think of the one that interests them the most. Then they talk in groups. Give them a few minutes to prepare what they want to say. Encourage
them to use the language they have learnt. Go around and give assistance if need be.


Activity 3:

a/ Play the recording once. Ss listen and write their answers.
Play the recording again for Ss to check. Explain any difficult words if necessary.

b/ Play the recording again once or twice, or as required. Ss write down the words/phrases as they hear them. T checks.


Activity 4:

Before Ss write, brainstorm Ss’ ideas about a craft village (or a place of interest they have been to if they haven’t been to a craft village). Tell them to look at the cues given; note, they will need modifying slightly
for a place of interest. Encourage them to use the words/phrases they have learnt in the units. Give Ss time to do the writing task. Then have them swap their work with a partner to check before handing it in. Collect their papers to check at home.

– found out: got information – face up to: deal with
– go on with: continue – keep away from: avoid
1. F

2. T

3. T

4. T

5. F

1. In a (little) town.

2. In a city.

1. a stranger

2. at night

3. downtown

4. entertainment

Audio script:

Michelle: Hi, Mike! How’s it going?

Mike: Hi. I’m good, thanks. Are you still living in the same place?

Michelle: Yes, I’m still in that ‘sleepy’ little town. But you know, I enjoy living there. It’s quiet, and everyone is friendly. I don’t really like the city. I feel like a stranger here. And it seems kind of dangerous, especially at night.

Mike: Well, I live here in the city, as you know. We live in an apartment downtown. The city is big, and it doesn’t feel as safe as a small town like yours. But I think the people here are pretty friendly. My neighbourhood is like a small town with its own stores, cafés, and restaurants …and we can enjoy all kinds of entertainment: cinemas, museums …

Michelle: OK, so then on weekends I should come into the city for all that.

Mike: OK. Sure!


-Write new words then learn them by heart.

-Copy the exercise into notebooks.

-Prepare First 45-minute Test

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